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poprind pork rinds cooked in bowl

What We Make

We produce the highest quality pork rind based products on the market.

These small, zero carb, keto pellets can be air fried, microwaved or cooked, creating puffy, chip-like snacks that are low calorie, packed with protein and of course, zero carbs.

We also have keto panko crumbs and specialty products. All our Pork Rind Pellets are made of simple ingredients and minimal processing.

Pork skins, lard, and salt. That's it.

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poprinds uncooked versus cooked

How It Works

Just like popcorn, our bags of POPRINDS come in small bags for your convenience. When cooked, our pellets triple in size giving you 30 servings in just a single 454g (16 oz) bag!

These pellets can either be air fried, microwaved or baked. Either way, youā€™re left with a tasty zero carb puff that can be eaten as is, or used in a variety of dishes!

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We pack our high quality ingredients with bulk packaging. We transfer that cost savings to you and in doing so we reduce packaging waste.


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What are folks saying about POPRINDS?

I have purchased pork rind pellets and pork panko from them on numerous occasions.
They are awesome.
I cook them in the airfryer, they are perfect.
Used to have to get pork rinds at C*stco in Bellingham but now get them delivered right to my house.
I tell everyone I know to order from them.

Brad McDonald

I don't even like pork rinds. I got these for my wife cause she is an intermittent keto-er. Holy h*ll these things are good. Get some Helluva Good dip goin with that sh*t and you're golden, pony boy.

Charlie C.

My first impression from the pork rinds pellets was confusion as to how small they were and if it would be a good party snack. After using their QR code for the cooking instructions, it directed me to these friendly videos on different cooking methods. Do not let the bag size fool you, I had more than enough for my party and it was a big hit with the guests!

Jeeves K.

Great tasting pork rinds that were easy to cook. Don't let the small size fool you - one small cup popped is more than enough for you and a friend. Delicious, crispy, and perfect for your next party! I'd give them a 6/5 stars if I could!

Hangue K.

Start Using Atlas Goods in All Your Recipes!

Tasty recipes for everyone in the family!

With only 80 calories, zero carbs and 9 grams of protein per serving, all our products are the perfect addition to any recipe!

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